Pearce W. Hammond, South Carolina Low Country Artist

Pearce W. Hammond... The Artist

 Pearce W. Hammond

Pearce W. Hammond is a self-taught artist who finds inspiration in the natural surroundings of the low country of South Carolina. This presents him with a mood, color and subject matter that are captured in his paintings.

His special talents lie in using bright primary colors, acrylic paints, pen and ink, and other media, including crushed oyster shells, to create paintings which are so reflective of low country life and scenes from Gullah culture and peaceful times gone by.

He attributes his putting brush to canvas to his famed Savannah-born uncle, Johnny Mercer, who was famous for his prolific song writing career and winner of four Academy Awards. Mercer was also a talented painter and produced many works while on vacation. One Christmas, when Mercer was visiting family in Savannah, a young Hammond decided to show his Uncle Johnny some of his work. According to Hammond, Mercer remarked that he was "pretty good at it" which inspired him to pursue the craft.

Hammond and Mercer also had the same interest in subject matter. An out-of-print book called "Our Huckleberry Friend," a collection of letters, notes and song lyrics by Johnny Mercer, also includes one of his paintings, a watercolor of three African Americans traveling down a dirt road on an umbrells-covered wagon. The picture is signed by Mercer and dated 1947.

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Hammond paints his view of the low country from his studio at "Halftide," the home he shares with his wife, Anne on the didal waters of the Chechessee River in Okatie, South Carolina.

"I hope that my work brings attention to all of the natural beauty of the low country and gives a sense of what life has been like for many generations. Too often we take these things for granted rather than doing all we can to preserve them for future generations. I want to give others a sense of mood and appreciation for what we have here."


Comments from Customers of Artist Pearce W. Hammond

"I just bought the most wonderful piece of art called "The Praise House" and wow I love your work and can't wait to hang it in my new home and tell all of my friends about you and the Praise House." Washington, DC

"I love the "Oysterman on the River." You managed to put in it all that you needed which was less than the eye would see and that is what makes it so excellent." North Carolina

"You have a real gift. I bought "Gathering Oysters" and I have a place on the Ohio River and plan to hang it there." Ohio

"I love your work and really enjoy having your paintings "Bridge Fishing and Beach Pals" in my apartment. I also receive many compliments on your work from friends. Keep up your creativity." New York

"I am so proud to have one of your paintings hanging in my home. You really captured the mood of the low country." Georgia